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Thread: Stag Do in Zermatt?

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    Default Stag Do in Zermatt?

    I am currently organising a stag do (bachelor party) for friend in November and we're keen to hit the slopes - all boarders and skiiers.

    There will about 12 of us and, so I'm told we'll get some decent boarding in and could even get lucky with some snow fall.

    What is the partying like in November though??

    Are bars and clubs open? What kind of people are in the town in November?

    It would be great if someone could recommmend or, if not, think of somewhere else to go!!!

    many thanks


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    Hi there,

    Right to be honest in November I think you will be in luck as the new seasonaires will be making thier way out to Zermatt including myself. There are some really excellent bars including the T-Bar, Hotel Post, Paperella Pub and many more....the skiing is truly amazing, there are some great runs although in Novemebr not all the runs back to the town may be open, but the main glacier runs will be fully functional including the snow park on Trockner Steig.

    If you want some more detailed info on places to stay, eat, go, party etc just PM me.



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